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You’re committed.

You want to stick to this diet and CRUSH this transformation!!

But, as a Beast, you’re also a well-rounded, driven guy in all the other parts of your life too.

And even if you are 150% committed, with everything else going on in your life, that means it can be hard to carve out the time to…

– Get a bunch of Tupperware

Drive to the store to buy fresh food

Cook all that food you just bought

Weigh out the portion sizes that meet your macros

Pack all the meals up

– Do it ALL OVER AGAIN just 3 to 4 days later

I get it man… I don’t have the time, either (and the #1 priority for my time right now is helping you and the other Beasts as much as possible)…


That’s why whenever I get really busy (which is a lot lately), I use ICON Meals to do all my meal prep for me.


ICON Meals is a custom meal prep service.

In other words, with ICON Meals you can take the macros you get from your Basement Beast Nutrition Blueprint and use ICON Meals to help you build custom-made, delicious meals to match your macro goals…


…and then boom! A big box stuffed full of your meals gets rush-shipped to your house.


Which makes the effort it takes you to stick to your diet as simple as heating up your meals and digging in!


Now, here’s the thing…


There are A LOT of meal prep services out there.


But when I was competing as a professional bodybuilder and had to be PERFECT with my diet… I used ICON Meals.


Why is ICON Meals the only service I use?


Simple – because the meals are delicious… the food is fresh… they use the highest-quality local ingredients… and it’s surprisingly affordable.


And that’s why I called up my friend Greg at Icon Meals and told him about YOU – the BEASTS.


I showed him the awesome energy you’re putting out on the Facebook Group and how hard you’re working. He saw it – literally – when looking through the before and afters.

And just like me and the rest of my team are, he was deeply touched.


So when I told him that we need to find a way to get tasty and healthy and affordable ($8-13 per meal) meals out to the BeastFamily that meet each Beast’s individual macros, he agreed…


And then I twisted his arm and got him to agree to give Beasts free shipping all year round for orders over $115. (which will save you up to $50 or more per order)!

So, since I know you’re committed to your transformation and want to make sure you hit your diet day-in and day-out without all the hassles of buying, preparing, and cleaning up all your food, here’s how to do it:

  • 1
  • Use the calories and macros you got via the Beast Macro Calculator and spread them out among 4 even meals – breakfast, 2 lunches, and dinner.
  • 2
  • Follow the link to go to Icon Meals– and create your favorite meals:

    a. Choose Protein, Carb and Vegetable portion sizes

    b. Confirm Macros

    (keep in mind you don’t have to hit the macros “to the T” – being over/under a bit is fine)

  • 3
  • Make sure you enter code BASEMENTBEAST at checkout to get free shipping all year round for orders over $115. (a $50 + value)

  • 4
  • Repeat

    Pro Tip: I usually order my meals once a week to make sure I’m always stocked up with fresh meals.


    Like I promised you – I got you covered from start to finish and now there’s truly NOTHING standing between you and your dream body.

    One last thing… don’t just take my word for it when it comes to how tasty these meals are…


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